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"Dillinger, The Hidden Truth - RELOADED"


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Description:   437 pages, completely Illistrated, size 8.5" x 11", perfect binding, white interior paper (50# weight), black and white interior ink, white exterior paper (100# weight), full-color exterior ink


Dillinger, The Hidden Truth - RELOADED is the NEW updated factual account, has been completely revised and includes rare unpublished photographs. Read about the criminals of the nineteen twenties and thirties, and the heroic lawmen who tracked them down. John Dillinger became a "bigger than life" celebrity after his death in July of 1934.  His reputation would triumph and soar upward to become a giant in his trade; fourteen months later his career would skid to a tradic end. Dillinger participated in three gangs, escaped from two jails, raided three police departments, escaped several police and FBI traps, and helped mastermind the biggest jailbreak in history from the Indiana State Penitentiary at Michigan City.  It was a time of crime of corruption on both sides of the law. The line between the good guys and the bad guys was narrow if not indistinguishable.





 (June 22, 1903 - July 22, 1934)     

NOTE: The John Dillinger Historical Crime Museum is a Tribute, dedicated to the memory of the late Joe Pinkston. Pinkston was considered a "Top Notch"  investigator and authority of criminals like John Dillinger, as well as a rare memorabilia collector. He devoted his life to the preservation of historical artifacts and the investigation of criminals, interviewing more eye-witnesses and those involved, than any other historian on record. This was a feat that cannot be duplicated, because most of the survivors of the 1930s have since passed on. 




For all you history buffs...check out more Fascinating Facts on the John Dillinger and members of his gang.  Remember, history isn't about good or bad, right or wrong, it's about what happened.                    

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From Tony Stewart's "Best Selling" book Dillinger, The Hidden Truth - RELOADED


....Johnnie Dillinger 1934



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Please check out the famous GANGSTER CONVENTION PICS with Sopranos stars, Al Capone's nephew, Sam Giancana's daughter, Georgia Durante (Most photographed woman) several authors and historians and more at:



Check It out!   FROM MY FAVORITE HBO TV SERIES "THE SOPRANOS" Joe Gannascoli's Five Star Website:

Also check out Joseph R. Gannascoli's amazing

New book A MEAL TO DIE FOR. For a signed copy please mail your request with a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Meal to Die For Bookplate Offer,
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Dillinger’s GUN or WAS It?

 The real story behind  the mysterious gun the FBI "claimed" John Dillinger attempted to pull out when he was killed on July 22, 1934.  The real question is was Dillinger unarmed or did he resist by pulling a gun on federal agents? Straight from 7ony Stewart's book "Dillinger, The Hidden Truth" Learn about the biggest coverup until the assassination of JFK. Find out facts that even the FBI never wanted the public to learn about.




 Museum's & Reenactments


John Dillinger FESTIVAL     

                      Dillinger Days In Tucson AZ                                     

Don't miss the Dillinger Days Festival!!!!   With dramatic re-enactments; vintage cars, antique market; live music, arts and crafts; walking tours; lectures; gangster films; book signings, museum exhibits. Turn back the clock to 1934 for the re-creation of the capture of John Dillinger and his gang. See a photo exhibit that takes you step by step through the gang's arrival in the Old Pueblo for a quiet vacation, through their amazing capture without any shots fired, and the fanfare surrounding their extradition to the Midwest to stand trial. For more information call 520-770-1473 or 520-884-5980. Click below for more details!




  Indiana State Museum In Indianapolis that features John Dillinger. Their link is: State police logo items are available at the Historical Center. For more information or tours of the center, contact the Youth Education & Historical Center, 8500 East 21st Street, Indianapolis, IN 46219, 317-899-8293 or 1-888-ISP-YOUTH.
John Dillinger Museum
Wax figures depict the life and death of John Dillinger, a notorious gangster and back robber. The John Dillinger Museum also features interactive displays and artifacts he used. Visitors can tour the facilities at the Hammond Visitor's Center.
Address: 7770 Corrinne Drive Hammond  IN  USA  46323  Phone no.1-219-989-7979
The Bonnie & Clyde Museum there are lots of vendors selling everything from commemorative T-shirts to small swatches of cloth torn from the pants Clyde was wearing when they were gunned down. All the same, Billie Gene says, "We don't do it to honor Bonnie and Clyde. We do it as a reenactment of history. And we let the law officers win at the end of the festival. It's not like we leave them going free or anything." Maybe that would give the historians something new to think about.
Authentic Bonnie and Clyde shoot-outs as well as other gangster shootouts that happened in Texas and Louisiana in the 30’s.
Gangster St. Paul
Where to Find Dillinger's Hideout and Ma Barker's Boys.
Ma and Fred Barker killed during 1935 shootout with FBI in Ocklawaha. The house was riddled with nearly 3,500 bullets druing the shootout. Afterwards, federal agents found machine guns, rifles, pistols and $14,293 in cash. The Barkers' bodies were taken to Pyles Funeral Home in Ocala by undertaker Harold Martin and his assistant, F.L. McGehee, the father of former Ocala police chief Lee McGehee.
FBI - Ma Barker Day in nearby Ocklawaha, FL. That's the town where the FBI and Ma & Fred Barker had a 4-hour shootout January 16, 1935. It is still the biggest gun battle in FBI history (3,000 to 4,000 rounds were fired). Ma and her son were killed.
John Dillinger reenactment of his capture staged outside the Congress Hotel in Tucson.
John Dillinger reenactment of his capture staged outside the Congress Hotel in Tucson.



For all those interested in Chicago ganglord Al Capone check out Mario Go


The Rise and Fall of The Dillinger Gang

By Jeffrey King,

Another great book on the Dillinger gang available NOW!. Look for it on  

John Dillinger
The Life and Death of America's First Celebrity Criminal

by Dary Matera

 Comment by Tony Stewart: "I've presently been communicating with author Dary Matera and he has completed his new book. This is the book that was written by Joe Pinkston before his death. Matera has rewritten and condensed Joe's 1100 page manuscript to 416 pages. Matera is the author of many books and has appeared on countless TV shows to talk and promote his books. This new book will be available this April 2004. You can pre-order this book right now online at

Contact Dary Matera at:
Best-selling author Dary Matera sets the Dillinger record straight, seventy years after the outlaw's death. John Dillinger is an adrenaline-fueled narrative that reignites America's fascination with the suave but deadly desperado who was the FBI's first "Public Enemy." Dubbed "The Jackrabbit" because of the way he leaped over bank cages and railings, Dillinger and his bank-robbing gang cut a criminal swath yet to be equaled. They became so famous in the 1930s that throngs of excited spectators would block the route to their getaway cars. When caught, Dillinger staged the most harrowing prison escapes imaginable-only to finally be betrayed by the infamous "Lady in Red." John Dillinger brings to light new information, including bank robberies never before reported; detailed plans for major crimes that Dillinger nearly implemented; the revelation that the "Lady in Red" was actually a police plant; and the startling fact that John Dillinger was summarily executed by rogue FBI agents being manipulated by East Chicago detectives desperate to cover up widespread police corruption. With access to thousands of detailed accounts, and pages of telling photographs, Matera's definitive book describes every robbery, shoot-out, and prison escape as though he choreographed them himself.

Dary Matera's new book "JOHN DILLINGER - The Life and Death of America's first Celebrity Criminal" is a first class biography on John Dillinger's life. Praises for this book include
Nicholas Pileggi, author of Wise guy and well as Screen writer of Goodfellows and Casino.
David Pietrusza, author of Rothstein: The Life, Times, and Murder of the criminal Genius who fixed the world series.
Alan Axelrod, Historian and author of Cops, Crooks, and Criminologists.
Micheal Franzese, former capo in the Columbo Family and son of underboss Sonny Franzese.  Franzese is the author of Blood Covenant and Quitting the Mob.
Henry Hill, author of the Goodfellas Guide to New York...and the main wise guy the movie Goodfellas was written about.
(Note: author Tony Stewart 's blurb was originally to be mentioned on the back cover of Dary Matera's back but was "knocked off"  by the legendary Henry Hill.
Even though I didn't make the cover, I feel it was an honor to be replaced by Mr. Hill and to be also receive recognition thoughout this astonishing book.)
                                                               ......Tony Stewart
THE COMPANY SHE KEEPS by Georgia Durante
Georgia Durante, President and Founder of Performance Two tells her incredible, riveting life's story in
"The"The Company She Keeps" is the gripping tale of one woman's struggle to escape from the Mafia underworld. Now a successful stunt driver, Durante can dominate a two-ton vehicle at high speeds, but off road, she has careened from one emotional head-on collision to another. Company She Keeps"
Jimmy Breslin - Pulitzer Prize winning columnist and best-selling Author  "We've all heard of the Mafia, and read about mobsters, but Georgia Durante saw them up close. She lived with them. She experienced their violence. She survived their wars. In The Company She Keeps, she tells her fascinating story. Once you read it, you'll never forget it.
"Hugh O'Brian - Actor "(Georgia Durante) has had quite a life, and the courage it takes to live it. I would have never imagined all (she's) been through. (She) hides a lot behind that lovely smile.
"Henry Hill - Wiseguy Witness Protection Program "The Company She Keeps could very well be the woman's version of my biography, "Wiseguy". A truly unique and insightful dimension to the underworld, written with bone chilling detail. Very well done."
Graham Nash - Musician; Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young "In (The Company She Keeps) Georgia Durante, not only survived her years in the underworld, but lived to write about it. A fascinating life. A fascinating book."


by John Binder.

Containing approximately 20,000 words and 180 photos, The Chicago Outfit is the only complete history, from the late 1800s to the present, of the Mob in Chicago. It discusses the roots of the Outfit, the Gang Wars in the 1920s, how the Outfit was formed after Prohibition, its evolution since Prohibition, the decline since the 1950s and its current state, as well as evaluating why the Outfit has been the most successful American crime family and why they have declined over time. In the process, the book dispels many of the myths that have arisen about organized crime in Chicago. Many of the photos are rare and never before published. Look for this fascinating new book on or local bookstores.

Look  for 7ony Stewart's praise of John Bender's legendary book "The Chicago Outfit."


Books by R. D. Morgan

"The Bad Boys of the Cookson Hills" New Forums Press Stillwater, Oklahoma
"Desperadoes: The Rise and Fall Of The Poe-Hart Gang" New Forums Press
"The Bandit Kings of The Cookson Hills" New Forums Press
Coming Winter 2005
"The Tri-State Terror The Life and Crimes of Wilbur Underhill" New Forums Press


Welcome to EZ Lane, Oklahoma

 Hosted by R. D. and Naomi Morgan







The Meyer Lansky Collection, Joe Gannascoli, Rick Porrello, Jo
Dominic Capone, Mario Gomes is an internationally known expert on Legendary Gangster Al Capone Memorabilia, and an avid Capone collector. Mario's Capone collection has been featured in numerous newspaper and television specials, and he is also the host of his own site here, and he is affiliated with
Antoinette Giancana is the daughter of infamous Chicago gangster Sam Giancana. Sam Giancana got his start in the 1920's working with Al Capone and later rose to the top position in the Chicago Outfit. Antoinette wrote a book - "Mafia Princess" - based on her life as Sam's daughter. The book was also made into a Feature Film. Today, Antoinette presides over her own food company which produces her own top-notch Pasta Sauce and noodles. 



ATTENTION FRIENDS: Author Tony Stewart presently has several books in the works on heroic lawmen and the celebrated outlaws from the 1860's through the 1930's.

If you, or anyone you know has any infomation you would like to contribute...I will list you in my credits with highest honors.

Film Producers, Crime-Writers, Historians, Students and friends looking for a Consultant on Criminal/Lawmen era facts from the 1860's through 1930's please contact author Tony Stewart directly at



The great depression era, also known as the dark years. What was so great about it? Nothing. It was a time of heartache and suffering for the entire Nation. These were devastating tough times and nearly impossible to find work during 1933. Millions of people were unemployed. If you were a man with a prison record, well you were just out of luck, no one could afford to hire you. The economy was very unstable and there just wasn't any work. Criminal's came out of the woodwork during the great depression. The banks who were taking peoples life savings and foreclosing on mortgages were considered the bad guys. People began to admire bank robbers like John Dillinger and Pretty Boy Floyd. Good honest hard working folks who lost everything developed a whole new outlook on society. Many decided it was better to steal than starve.  
I've never believed that it is right to judge people, but when it comes to J.Edgar Hoover and the FBI of the nineteen thirties I feel justified to make an exception. It is a natural fact that J.Edgar Hoover concealed the truth of the final fate of many criminals's to gain admiration for the Bureau. He disguised injustice for absolute power to strengthen the roots of the FBI without question. The FBI kept the facts under lock and key. Today as we learn the truth we realize that some outlaws may not have been as bad as the FBI made them out to be. And as the truth comes into focus, we learn about the real J. Edgar Hoover.

Read what Authors and Historian's are saying about

"Dillinger, The Hidden Truth - RELOADED"

Ordered your book online and I can't wait to read it. From all accounts, you really nailed it!
           Alex Tresniowski……Crime Writer at PEOPLE Magazine

"Tony Stewart's book 'Dillinger, The Hidden Truth' captures that shoot-em-up era to a 'T.' With the ever-growing library dealing with the '20s and '30s' gangster era, Stewart's book is another tasty dish on that splashy wine and blood splattered dinner table."

Tom Hollatz - Gangster Holidays--the Lore and Legend of the Bad Guys

Tony Stewart's dedicated fascination with John Dillinger and other
infamous gangsters from the 1920s and 1930s is finally revealed in
"Dillinger, The Hidden Truth."
Robert Livesey - author of On the Rock

Tony Stewart uncovers the "Hidden Truth" behind the Dillinger legend in this blazing ride through America's golden age of bank robbers.
Jim Adams - City Editor of the New Hampshire Sunday News

When it comes to John Dillinger, author Tony Stewart strives to - tell it like it is!
"Dillinger - The Hidden Truth," presents this dapper 1930's outlaw, as you've never really known him. This is a must read book!
Frank R. Ballinger - Bonnie & Clyde's Hideout Website

"Finally we have a factual and engaging story of Dillinger's life, refreshingly devoid of the fantasy, bias and sentimentality of previous accounts."
Alston Purvis - Boston University

If you read only one book this year, make it " Dillinger, The Hidden Truth." Tony Stewart presents an exciting new look at the bank robber's career and those who attempted, by any means, to "Get Dillinger."
Bill Hanson - author of "Closely Guarded Secrets" and "Mystery Florida"

Read for the first time, Tony Stewart's well-researched book that uncovers the hidden truth in the annuals of the Gangster era that the FBI and J.Edgar Hoover didn't want the public too know.
Jeffrey Maycroft; Historical Consultant, Public Enemies Almanac.

J. Edgar Hoover ignored the Mafia to ruthlessly exterminate easier targets--celebrity bandits like Dillinger, Pretty Boy Floyd, and Bonnie and Clyde--check out Tony Stewart's Dillinger, the Hidden Truth. Moves with the fast pace of a stolen Ford V8 to the staccato bark of a Tommy gun!
Rick Mattix - co-author, Public Enemies, America's Criminal Past, 1919-1940 and Thompson, the American Legend: The First Submachine Gun.

In this new work John Dillinger is researched to the insight never before researched. I have a lot of respect for anyone who takes the time, patience, and discipline to research and then write a book on any subject, let alone a subject as complicated as the life of John Dillinger. This new insight and information that Mr. Stewart has written is a refreshing and new look at the famous John Dillinger. This is recommended reading, before the lights go out on the final chapter of John Dillinger. This is the final chapter.
Gordon Herigstad -author of Colt Thompson Serial Numbers.

NOTE: No part of The Johnnie Dillinger Website may be copied, reproduced, used for publication or any other means without prior permission from the Writer.






NEW! Check out link on Serial Killer Patrick Kearney dubbed "The Trashbag Murderer." Read account straight from Tony Stewart, the only survivor. !!! "View more at:



If you need a gangster era consultant for your dStewart worked with the Morningstar Entertainment on a Discovery channel program entitled "The Dillinger Conspiracy" that aired on March 18, 19, 2006. 

Stewart is also involved with the History channel on a program called "Crime Wave - 18 months of Mayhem" aired  2007.  Tony Stewart is available for on camera interviews. He have over 30 years experience of gangsters of the 1920's and 1930's.  

Tony Stewart has authored ten books and six magazines. He was born in Bloomington, Indiana in June of 1957. At age four, he moved to Los Angeles, California with his father, Estill, and younger brother, Ron. While living in LA, the father told the brothers, "Your Great Aunt Beryl Hovious was married to an outlaw named John Dillinger." Beryl Hovious would be Dillinger's ONLY wife. From this day on, the brothers began studying about John Dillinger and would later interview their aunt. This inspired Tony Stewart to write a book on his infamous great uncle.

Current and most recent accomplishments include:

*Appeared on AMERICAN BADASSES on THe American Heroes Channel - Interviewed by LEFTFIELD PICTURES in NEW YORK 12-17-14 

 *Appeared on WTIU/WFIU Indiana News for program "History Through Headlines" on John Dillinger 3-2014.

*Appeared on America: Facts Vs. Fiction on the Military    Channel 2014 - Interviewed by Workaholic Productions, Inc. Washington D.C.

*Contributed Dillinger photos to all-new series AMERICAN    GUNS historic guns Oct. 2011. Listed in Credits.

*Appeared on National Geographic Channel on October 26, 2010 in an International 4-part documentary film, entitled; “Making History - Rise of the Gangster."- Interviewed by 360 Productions.

*Interview with Peter Boyles on 630 KHOW Denver's Talk Station 7-8-09

*Interviewed on Crime Beat with Carl Brizzi Saturday June 20, 2009 (EST) on WIBC, 93.1 FM - WWW.WIBC.COM

*Interviewed by Don Babwin of AP Associated Press on June 18, 2009 about new Public Enemies movie.

*Also contributed to costume designs for actors, Johnny Depp, Christian Bale and others for film “Public Enemies.”

*Appeared on History Channel - Crime Wave - 18 months of mayhem. Aired in April - 2008.

*Interviewed by Jupiter Entertainment on an updated documentary on criminals of the 1920's and 30's.

*Appeared in ARES World Defense Security Magazine - August 2006 issue Special appearance on Golden Rose Productions Radio AM 570 Journal, KCFJ AM 570, KCNO 94.5 FM in July 2006

*Appeared on Discovery Channel - The Dillinger Conspiracy. Aired March 18, 19, 2006.

*Interviewed by Morningstar Entertainment of a new documentary.

*Interviewed in March 2005 issue of Yesterday's Memories magazine, continued in April 2005 addition. Updated article on March 2007...

*History Consultant for Principle Films in London for a program entitled IT Happened Here. The film aired on The Discovery Channel 2002.

*History Consultant in the making of several documentary films, including The Real Untouchables Series, by Atlantic Production, which aired April 2000 on The Learning Channel.

Other projects include:

Produced a Blues Music Production with brother, musical artist Ron Stewart of Bloomington, Indiana, which aired on 91.3 with 3 hit songs in the top charts. Tony Stewart co-wrote song entitled "Seventeen" with Ron Stewart.

*Education; Theatrical writing, screenplays, producing, directing and acting in several short films for Torrance Community Cable, which include a Public Service Announcement on Crime Prevention in 1989.

*Founder of The Dillinger Times Club, and several "Award Winning" websites since 1995, depicting depression era gangsters and lawmen.

*Sept. 21, 1979 - starred in movie comedy SWAP MEET with Danny DeVito. No credit. In 1978, published article for Surfer Magazine entitled, "Unknown Surfers" in Redondo Beach, California.


Stewart worked as a consultant in the making of several documentary films, including The Real Untouchables Series, by Atlantic Production, which aired April 2000 on The Learning Channel, and IT Happened Here by Principle Films in London. The film aired this fall on The Discovery Channel 2002.

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Special Thanks to my wife
Kimberly Stewart




Tony Stewart - Author/Historian


Tony Stewart has appeared on Discovery, History Channel and has worked as History Consultant for with The Travel Channel, The Learning Channel, Radio stations, newspapers and magazines. He is presently working on two more books due for release in 2007.

  • Interview with Jupiter Entertainment on an updated documentary on criminals of the 1920's and 30's for the History channel to air in 2007 entitled Crime Wave.
  • Credited history consultant - appeared in ARES World Defense & Security Magazine in August 2006.
  • Radio Interview with Harry Boulade of Golden Rose Productions - AM 570 Journal, KCFJ AM 570 and KCNO 94.5 FM on July 7, 2006.
  • Interview with Morningstar Entertainment of a new documentary for the Discovery channel, The Dillinger Conspiracy. Stewart appeared on Discovery on March 18, 19, 2006.
  • Interviewed in March 2005 issue of Yesterday's Memories magazine, continued in April 2005 addition. Yesterday's Memories magazine, continued in April 2005 addition.
  • History consultant for Principle Films as a consultant in London on a program entitled IT Happened Here. Film aired on The Discovery Channel 2002.
  • History consultant in the making of several documentary films, including The Real Untouchables Series, by Atlantic Production, which aired April 2000 on The Learning Channel.